“The art of dance relies on all possibilities…physical, intellectual, intuitive and emotional.
Somehow all of these qualities are crafted together to form a piece that moves the audience”

— Peter Stathas

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Fall Residency in Lake Geneva, WI

This fall, the company will gather in Lake Geneva, WI for a week long residency to investigate and develop “In The Garden,” the last work-in-progress premiered in New York City before the pandemic. 


Peter Stathas Dance creates highly physical, nuanced work that explores the physical boundaries of bodies and space with an emphasis on storytelling and human connection. The repertoire consists of works created in the past and reinterpreting them with a fresh perspective. Peter’s new work is a true collaboration between himself and the artists within the company. He creates a safe space for the dancers to be part of the story because without them there is no story to tell. This results in the melding of ideas, thoughts and expressions and ultimately a complex and deeply connected performance.


The company’s current repertoire is a diverse body of work made up of the past, present and future, connected by the common theme of humanity. 


Peter Stathas Dance is available for performance bookings, choreographic commissions and re-staging processes of his work on your dance company.