Summer 2018


Devices Choreographic Intensive
Work: Assuage

Peter was accepted into Doug Verone’s choreographic mentoring program Devices. This was an 8-week choreographic intensive which culminated in creating a short piece of work. Peter paired with two amazing dancers, Lauren Towley and Leo Hirsherkawa, to create Assuage. This 11-minute duet set to Arvo Part was presented at the Gibney Theatre in August of 2018.


February 2018

adult-art-ballerina-209948 (1).jpg


Conundrum is set to Brahms String Quartet #1 and was conceived with the simple thought of confining the dancers to a specific space and expanding that space as each new dancer was added per movement. However, when creating the duet in the second movement, the piece took a different path, thus creating a “conundrum” for Peter and the dancers. This piece was previewed in February of 2018 and is in the process of being restructured and completed with the intention of being showcased in a performance that will take place in Summer of 2019.


October 2016


Leaving and Coming Back

This piece was a collaboration between Peter Stathas, Mark Anderson, Isabelle Kralj. It was created as a solo and tells the very personal story of Peter’s relationship with his grandfather who was a welterweight champion boxer. Peter and his grandfather would spend Saturday mornings at the Eagle’s Club in Milwaukee where he would train Peter in the art of boxing.


October 2016



This piece is set to Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder. Mahler selected five of poet Rückert's poems. Rückert wrote a total of 428 poems in an outpouring of grief following the illness and death of two of his children. Mahler set the poems to classical music which he composed between 1901 and 1904. The songs are written in Mahler's late-romantic idiom, and like the poems, reflect a mixture of anguish, fantasy resuscitation of the children and resignation. The final song ends in a major key and a mood of transcendence.

Peter created this piece to represent the death of all young children.


January 1986


December 1985



This piece was created for the Boston Dance Project. It’s a story that is loosely based on the triangulated relationship between a mother, father and a daughter and the parent’s desire to compete for their daughter’s affection. In an obscure way, the relationship gets resolved at the end of the piece by having all of the dancers come together to share the final spotlight.


Five Studies For A Waiter And A Businessman

This piece is about the simple interactions you have with people you don’t know. It focuses on the sort of subjective judgments you make about those people when you really don’t know what they are capable of. Peter picked a waiter and a businessman because this scenario is part of the innocuous life we live everyday. The waitress is working in a restaurant, but from a professional standpoint, she could be something else, which could also be true of the businessman. As the piece goes on, the two characters shed their characters and become more narrow. They start to see something that is common between them and they become closer.